Friday, December 7, 2012

December Nail Art Challenge! Snow, Plaid & Sparkles!

Hey Followers, Sarah here. 

This December, I'm participating in a nail art challenge on my Instagram and decided I'd start sharing my accomplishments on here with you! If you'd like to follow along on my Instagram, < there is the link!

December Nail Art Challenge

Today, I'm going go ahead and share the first 3 Challenges I have done! 
Hope you enjoy!

December 1st - Snow
For this snow manicure, I started off with Hard as Nails by Sally Hansen as a base. I then added the O.P.I. Ridge Filler base coat. I used 2 coats of  Sinful Colors - Snow Me White. I added one coat of NYC - Starry Silver. For the snow flakes, I used Sinful Colors - Let's Talk and Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - Blue Me Away! I decided to add some little purple dots. For this I grabbed a dotting tool and used Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure - Delphinium! For a topcoat I used Out The Door. 

In this photo, my middle finger had already began to chip. I also didn't like how smudged my pointer finger ended up being! Over all though, I was pretty happy with this mani! 

December 4th - Plaid

For this plaid manicure, I started off with the same things as before! Hard as Nails - Sally Hansen and O.P.I. Ridge Filler! For the base color I used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - Green With Envy! For the plaid design, I took a small nail art brush and the colors Sinful Colors - Snow Me White, Revlon - Black Lingerie, and Pure Ice - Siren. I again topped this off with the Out The Door topcoat!

Again, I was disappointed with my pointer finger. I loved this design concept though, and I will for sure be trying it again in the future! 

December 7th - Sparkles
For this sparkle mani, I started off with Nail Magic - Nail Harder and O.P.I. Ridge Filler! For the base color I used Julep - Rose! It was my first time using this color, and I absolutely adore it! On my middle and pinky finger I then added Julep - Mila. On the other fingers, I took Color Club Glitter Stripers that came in a set and made a Chevron-Like design! I topped it off with a coat of Seche Vite! 

I LOVE this mani. I wish my nails would start growing though.

Are you doing any type of challenge for December? Have you done a Snow, Plaid, Or Sparkle mani recently?

Let me know below! :)


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